Damper Butterfly Valves

Butterfly dampers are made as a bonded assigned construction and mostly made for stop/pause or modulating gas instructions. The installation of this instrument is done in center pipeline flanges, which Damper Butterfly Valves can be made as per to customer specialization or PARAVALVES Regd. standard. One to one person determines the measure  between flanges and this can also be tailor-prepared to comply with customer strategy. Sometime these equipments are interacting in a horizontal shaft-line place, but vertical assembly accessories are also being with our damper valves. Wafer type or Damper Butterfly Valves can also distribute on request.

Our designed Damper Butterfly Valves are made to work in both wave directions as a bidirectional perfection. The seat can be completed as a swing-through disc without seat or the disc can on-point make connection with a metal plate ensuring a number of leaks of 0.5%Kv value. Light and smooth braided sealing option can also be distributed on request, providing a more fit damper off.

Main  benefits Damper Butterfly Valves:-

  • Low in weight and Compact size design.
  • Easy and Cost ,reasonable.
  • Speed and effective.
  • Pressure operated and moitize.
  • Correct and Variant Fluid type.
  • Cavitation and perfect on-test remains.
  • No High-Pressure engineered and structural.

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Control Valves Manufacturer

A control valve is a valve used to control liquid stream by differing the size of the stream section as coordinated by a sign from a controller. This empowers the immediate control of stream rate and the important control of procedure amounts, for example, weight, temperature, and fluid level.

Jekon Control is eminent name in the field of building a Control Valve manufacturer.  We manufacture different type of control valve like, Y Type Pneumatic Valve, Angle Seated Valves, Pneumatic Control Valve, Y Type Valve, Steam Control Valve, and Water Solenoid Valve that improves absolute stream control foundation of ventures. Jekon Control has modern manufacturing units equipped with new generation CNC machines for superior quality of products. Jekon Control follows modern manufacturing philosophy.

Chemical Resistance, Interchangeability of Parts is outstanding characteristic of our valves these make the in-house production quite efficient and thus helping it rolling out products at very competitive prices. Our R&D team works meticulously to ensure innovative and cutting edge technology products to meet the specific industrial demands. And To overcome the Cut-Throat Competition in Domestic and International Market we always update our Quality System and New Technology.Quality and consistency in Every Stage of Production, Timely Delivery and after sales Services are our back bone. Not only this, we are capable enough to answer all types of client demands and provide them customized solutions. Our Innovative way to deal with your prosperity is to make sure about your procedure proficiency, bring down your vacation, increment you your security and lift your upper hand.

 Control Valves are precisely designed to guarantee 100% smooth flow area to decrease pressure drop across the Valve. Specifically designed Seat and Packing material are offered for super heated steam and high temperature oils and fluids to make certain that it is easy to service and also durable. It is accurately machined and has a lapped backseat which aids in replacing Gland Packing when the Valve is in full stream. Jekon control Valves manufacturer are checked and certified by Q. C. Department and also by the Clients or any Third Party Inspection by an internationally reputed agency. We also provide routine test and special test on our control valves like flow test, hydro test, vibration test, burning test, temperature test, radiography test, material qualification test, Inter Granular corrosion Test ,  Body and Seat Leakage Test, Pick up and Drop Down Test. Jekon Controls  are providing trouble free service among the top Oil Fields, Fertilizer, Power, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemical Process Plants, Oil Refineries, Food Process Industries, Steel Plants, Paper & Pulp Industries.


High Pressure Ball Valves

Being customer oriented organization, we are involved in manufacturing, supplying and exporting the premium quality of High Pressure Ball Valves. The presented High pressure ball valves are designed for high operating pressure, they keep streams of liquid and other media. These valves are having unique feature like a spherical disk with a hole through the middle as their shut-off element. We are using of the finest raw materials and modern technology machines in their manufacture. The range is presented higher level functionality and excellent service life. Production of this range is in done in compliance with the industry set standard and suggestion and its quality is highly standardized. Our high pressure valve are qualified of withstanding PSI rating up to 10000 PSL, and are suggested for use in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. The handles begin on our high pressure ball valves manufacturer are produced by using 316 stainless steel, fitting with twin anti-vibration Locknuts. We can produce the best quality of products at their reasonable price and great focus on continuous quality improvements with latest effective and design and manufacturing facilities. Moreover, we manufacture the high pressure ball valve as per customers specifications and we believe in satisfying the customers requirement and give them the best quality of products.

Control Valves Manufacturer

Incepted years ago in domain, we are considered to be leading organization as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Control Valves India. The offered control valve controls to set more or less flowing liquid, such as gas, steam, water, or chemical compounds. These offered valves manage the flow of liquid in hydraulic systems. Our valve likes this slide back and forward to make the liquid flow in either one direction or another around a circuit of pipes. Our organization is a renowned name in the field of developing an unusual new control valves like solenoid valve, Angel type seat valve, Butterfly valve, Low pressure piston valve, Ball valve, and so many types of valve, that we can produce it as per our client’s requirements. Our organization is a well established production of  Y type valves produce highest quality standards to supply various industries like Fertilizers, Power Plants, Paper Industries, Refineries, Oil and Gas, Chemicals etc. We use excellent quality of machines and raw materials in the production of control valves. The main purpose of valve is used to start, stop or smoother the flow to secure and safe and systematic performance can be processed. We can provide high Quality products at competitive price and great focus on continuous quality improvements with latest effective design and manufacture facilities. The valve can control whole machine parts and they can handle the machines systematically and serviceable for a long time

Pneumatics Actuator Butterfly Valve

Pneumatics Actuator Butterfly Valve“Jekon” is a brand name affianced in manufacturer and exporter of pneumatic actuator butterfly valve that offers reliability at an economical cost. Its purpose is to control the flow of gas or liquid by means of a disk, which turns on a diametrical axis inside a pipe or by two semicircular plates hinged on a common spindle, which permits flow in only one direction. Our Pneumatic Butterfly Valve fulfills the need in variegated industrial sectors for differential applications. Easy operated valve is available to the clients at pocket friendly price.

Solenoid Valves Manufacturer

Solenoid Valves ManufacturerBeing a professionally managed company, we are prime manufacturer of solenoid valves in india. These Valves are available in varied models for use in controlling the temperature of the space efficiently. We put our more efforts to manufacture Single/Double Acting Solenoid Valve, low pressure piston valve, pulse valve and export the same in domestic and international market.



Jekon Control Valve is Manufacturers

Pneumatic Angle Type Valve

Diaphragm Type Solenoid Valve

Cylinder Operated Control Valve

Low Pressure Solenoid Valve

Low Pressure Piston Valve

Direct Acting Solenoid Valve

Dust Collector Solenoid Valve

C.I. Cylinder Operated Control Valve

Actuator Butterfly Valve

Manual Butterfly Valve

Diaphragm Control Valve

Butterfly Valve

Diaphragm Control Valve

Pneumatic Actuator Ball Valve

High Pressure Ball Valve

High Pressure Needle Valve

Globe Valve

I.C. Ball Valve

Compact Cylinder

Double Acting Cylinder

Pressure Gauge

PU Tubings

Push In Fittings


Jekon Controls is a workwise succeeded association and affianced in industrial of the several categories superiority valve from last five years whichvalve is well-known as joking diffident production the business has now well-known important constructor for  the national industries. Today our produces find  the marketplace in many industries.
The company has been expanded of a wealth of the  knowledge wrapper the manufacture of  the many types valves. It has permanently preserved place with the speedy expansion of the up-to-date high equipment manufacture performances and in opportunity changed to the understanding of the customer requirements.jakonp

Jekon Controls is a important industrialist Solenoid Valves Company  in India, Manual Butterfly Valve”,”Low Compression Solenoid Valve”,”Low Pressure Piston Valve, Pneumatic Diaphragm, Control Valve, Dust Collector Solenoid Valve, A To Z Type Control Valve, High Pressure Ball Valve, Actuator Ball Valve. Manufacturer, supplier, Exporter India.

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